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Bryn Mawr Public Safety On-Campus Services to Shutdown

BRYN MAWR- On Wednesday, February 26th, 2014, a top official from Bryn Mawr College’s Public Safety department, officially announced the beginning of a campus-wide shutdown of Public Safety services on the college campus. “We’re just not getting the same interest on-campus that we used to,” she said in an exclusive interview. The announcement comes after … Continue reading

The Insider’s Guide to Confronting a Fellow Bryn Mawr Student

Don’t. Don’t Gripe passive aggressively to your friends about said student when she happens to be sitting at the table next to you in Erdman. Write a passive aggressive Tumblr post. Write a passive aggressive Facebook post. Write a passive aggressive Twitter post. #Tweettweetbitches. Threaten to contact the Honor Board. Never contact the Honor Board. … Continue reading

Confounded Students Rush to Health Center

BRYN MAWR- January 31st, 2014. The health center reports that several students have reported illnesses. According to health center staff, the illnesses were mostly reported by students returning from their junior semesters abroad. The director of the health center, Dr. Roberts says these “Mawrtyrs” are suffering severe “reverse culture shock”. The symptoms range from increased … Continue reading